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Avantipreneur leaders have the ability to deliver a cost-efficient experience to business owners looking for support and guidance.

Step 1

Check in with The Avanti Entrepreneur Network by submitting your request to be an Avantipreneur chair in your area. You can do this by filling out the form below. We'll respond quickly with information.

Step 2

If you are approved as an Avantipreneur Chair, you will be given coaching and member lead generation to start recruiting members in your area. Avanti members can become trusted advisors and some of your most valuable clients.

“The Avanti Peer Group has been a tremendous value to me and my business. I help advise small business owners financially and always want to improve upon our services. To be able to get feedback from other business owners and leaders within my Avanti group is immensely valuable for me and for my clients. Honest and thoughtful feedback is hard to find in business but that is just what I receive every month from the Avanti Peer Group meetings." 

-Kevin C. | Partner, RP Damico and Assoc.

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